Will Rogers Class of 1964

In Memoriam

Remembering Those We Have Loved and Lost


Kenneth Ronald Abmeyer 1967
Carolyn Sue Anderson 2001
Franklin Theodore Archambo 1968
Gary Curtis Babb 1990
Fred Gene Barger 2008
Doris Lee Boggs  
Timothy John Callahan 2008
David Lee Carter 2008
Joe Milton Caudle 1965
Bruce Leroy Chamberlain 2001
Judy Mae Clark (Carter) 2010
Dean Cohea 2004
Karen Cropper (Wolfe) 1988
Gary Crossland 1974
Ray "Skipper" Dake 1971
Patricia Dannatt (Lyons) 2002
Thomas Michael David 2010
Jack "Happy" Davis 2005
Sandra Davis (Gilliam) 2010
Larry Elvin Deatherage 2010
James T. DeHaas 1996
Barbara DeWitt (Bennett) 2006
Ron Dillard 2007
Thomas Hill Diven
Carolyn L. Dobbins (Downing) 1996
Ruthanne "Corky" Eaton (Chapman) 2014
Jannette Eberhard (Marquez) 2010
Harlan Joe Ellis 2005
James Edward England 2012
David Fairlie 1998
Ronald Gene Fischer 1996
Charles Franklin Fisher 1987
Robert James Freeman 2011
Charlotte Dee French (Hamilton) 2012
Gary Galloway 2018
Marshall Wayne Galutza 1990
Richard "Dick" Garlock 1984
Neil Elmo Geppelt 2006
George Robert Godfrey 1997
Alan Goike 2003
Rusty Goodsell 2014
David A Goodson Jr 2002
Gloria Jean Goodson 2005
Luther Gower 2005
Mary Jo Graves (Bridges) 2008
Howard Clyde Hagen 2010
Harold Dean Hailey 2010
Robert Jeffery Hampton  
Gary Hanlon 2011
Patricia Hanigan (McGuire) 2013
Pat W. Hare 2009
Bryan Edward Harrell 1970
Gary Dale Hawkins 2013
John Thomas Hawkins 2002
Michael M. Hollander  
Margaret H. Holt (Miller) 1993
William Alfred Huff 2008
Robert Carl Ingram 2007
John Patrick Jackson 1964
Granville W. Jenkins 2002
Judith Suzan Jennings  
George W Johnson 2002
Jimmy Johnson 1998
Karen Jones (Angus) 2014
James Franklin Kirk 2007
Max Alan Knight 1979
Paul Knox 2003
Daniel Edward Lambert 1985
Melody D. LeMaster (Goforth) 1995
Nathaniel Field LeMaster 2010
Brian Lawrence McNicol 2003
Mike Mendenhall 2010
Donald Edward Miller 2009
Lee Schley Miller 2006
Ronald Clay Miller 1980
Robby Lynn Mooney 2010
Lynn A. Murphy (Goldsmith) 1986
Joseph William "Bill" Newland III 2004
Linda Nolte (Howard) 2013
Opal Rose Ogden  
James Wade Partridge 2005
Virginia "Ginny" Paulsell (Goodsell) 2013
Thomas Eugene Payne  
Loyal J. Penix Jr. 2004
Richard Allen Pettit 2011
Roy Pierson 2010
Joyce Eileen Ranson 2009
Shirlee Ann Rasor (Bilyeu) 2010
Gil Reyes 2013
Robert "Bucky" Clyde Roper 2004
Larry V Sanders 2009
Patricia L Sanders (Nye)  
Peggy Ann Santee (Young)  
Dennis Christian Schmidt 1975
Ronald Louis Seitz  
James Lenford Simpson 2010
James "Jim" Melton Smith 2008
Terry Allen Smith 1999
David Lee Spence 2012
Dwayne C Spencer 2012
Gary Craig Stephens 1993
Sharon Dee Swaim (Bartels) 2003
Gary Lee Swarer 2009
Richard Lee Thompson 1996
William F Timmerman 2007
Freddie Carl Townsend 1998
Patricia Ann Tyler (Goodwin) 1995
Linda Walker 2007
Michael Duane White 2011
Edna Wing (Hanby) 2013
Wanda Wiseman  

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will rogers statue


Although they are gone
We shall always remember
Our childhood friends
And their smiles each September

The Summer would show
Young birds how to fly
Like our youth and our memories
From Will Rogers High

We shall never forget
The times that we shared
And we pray they may rest
Just knowing we cared.